Blue Light Amami ブルーライト奄美



Blue Light Amami

Blue Light Amami

6 small pensions facing the seaside in Kasari-cho, Amami Oshima.

It faces the sandy beach of Yoyasu Coast and you can get off to the beach immediately.

From all the guest rooms, you can enjoy the view of the emerald green sea that corals reefs called “cradle of life” on the subtropical island of Amami Oshima.

ブルーライト奄美 用安の海手広海岸のリーフ

Yoan Kaigan (Blue Cancer) faces Blue Light Amami, a sandy beach that stretches for about 2 km, and has many beach visitors. The roadside trees (Adan) that spread along the national road cannot help feeling Amami Oshima. In the summer, the sea cucumber blooms everywhere, and you can enjoy the starry sky on a clear winter night.

Guests staying at Blue Light Amami can stroll along the beautiful sandy beaches of Ya’an coast and the sidewalks of Adan’s roadside trees, and enjoy the sea play (diving, snorkeling, and sap) on the private beach.

ブルーライト奄美 国道沿いのアダンの街路樹ブルーライト奄美 住用の星空

10 minutes by car from Amami Airport. Facilities such as convenience stores, restaurants and bakery are enriched in the surrounding area.

It is also close to Ayamaru Cape, Tomori Beach, Heart Rock and Amami Park, a popular sightseeing spot on Amami Oshima.

“Blue Light Amami ” will be opening soon as a lodging facility where you can spend a relaxing time in Amami Oshima.

Unlike guesthouses, which are often used by young people, and hotels that are used for business purposes, we aim to be an accommodation facility where you can enjoy a resort feeling unique to Amami Oshima, where you can spend a relaxing time.

It will open soon, so please use it.

Blue Light Amami Staff

Room introduction

Blue Light Amami has two accommodation wings, each of which has three rooms (one A type room and two B type rooms).

ブルーライト奄美 夕焼け

A type 29.93 square meters (with washing machine)

B type 26.85 square meters (without washing machine)

We recommend A type for a family of three and B type for accommodation of up to two people.

ブルーライト奄美 宿泊棟玄関

Indoor lighting can be dimmed and toned, so the brightness and color of light can be changed according to the time of day and season. When you make a dish, you can change it to fluorescent color, and when you want a relaxed and calm atmosphere, you can change it to light bulb color.

For the indoor situation, see the slider photo below.

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From the living room, you can lie on the bed and from the bathroom, you can see the beautiful sea and sky of Yuan coast.

ブルーライト奄美 コインランドリー

The Blue Light Amami Administrative Building has a coin laundry (2 washing and drying types and 2 drying types).

Accommodation information

Blue Light Amami does not serve meals.
Please use convenience store, restaurant, delivery (catering) near you.

Kitchen, stove, etc. are always available so that you can prepare your own meals.

Room facilities

WIFI / refrigerator / air conditioner / kitchen / bath / wash basin / toilet / rice cooker / cookware


Please purchase what you need at the front of the administration building.


Currently, guests receive 1 pack of “Amami’s salt bathing fee”. Please enjoy the bathing fee of “Beautiful Blue” with salt of Amami.

Amami’s salt bathing fee is also sold at the front of the administration building.

Usage rules

・ Pets are not allowed.
・ Please use facility equipment (charged) for BBQ.
・ The Bigdog Terrace on the premises is free for guests only.
・ The entire building is non-smoking.






【奄美の星空】 長寿の星「カノープス」 

【奄美の星空】 長寿の星「カノープス」 


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かごしま旅クーポン利用 自粛のお願い




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Blue Light Amami



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